Unique and Rare Blades & In-Store-Only Products 

One-of-a-kind items, hand-crafted local artisan knives, historical pieces, and specific brands of knives are available for in-store purchase only. To see the entire line of products, come visit us at the Seattle Edge or email seattleedgesharpening@gmail.com for more information. 

Unique & Rare

Vintage straight razors and cutlery from the late 1800s on. 

Custom, one-of-a-kind knives from renowned knife makers Chris Love and Blair Todd.

Handcrafted hardwood cutting boards made locally in Seattle by Wally Liedke. 


In-Store-Only Cutlery

Only Seattle Edge sells these professional-quality artisan knives in Seattle, few mainstream stores carry these distinctive lines, and they are not available on Amazon. Albert can discuss the advantages of these beautifully crafted cutlery and you can experience for yourself in the shop!  

Tadafusa Nashiji


The stunning Tadafusa Nashiji series is an excellent choice for those who prefer sturdy, traditional Japanese knives. The blades are Aogami blue steel laminated between two layers of rustic-finished stainless steel.

The blue steel offers a fine, tough edge that touches up quickly, and stainless steel helps protect the blade while decreasing the patina characteristic of carbon steel. The ambidextrous magnolia wood handle is light, creating a forward balance that aids in the cutting process.



Misono is one of the most respected brands in the cutlery industry, and the UX10 series are their highest quality knives.

The blades are traditional Japanese in design, with a Western-style, triple riveted handle and nickel silver bolster. This design offers a lightweight, nimble, precise knife that is balanced in the hand.

Combine the overall high-quality construction with their benchmark quality Swedish stainless steel for a professional quality knife that will exceed your expectations with every use.