Chris Love Damascus 8.25" Chef - Afromasia & Maple

Chris Love Damascus 8.25" Chef - Afromasia & Maple


Chris Love is a new knife maker in the Seattle area. He is known for creating beautiful cutlery with streamlined handles and striking damascus patterns. Beauty and function combined together, Chris is constantly changing his work and experimenting with new designs. Check back regularly or stop by the shop to see his latest creations!

The unique Afromasia and Maple handle makes this 8" damascus chef stand out even more compared to other knives in your collection. The 1095/15N20 forge welded blade has large, unique patterns that get smaller towards the tip, that compliment the maple stripe in the handle.


Blade Length: 8.25”
Overall Length: 13.5”

Blade Height: 2 1/8”

Bevel Type: 50/50
Blade Material: Forged damascus 1095/15N20
Handle Material: Afromasia with Maple stripe

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