Mercer MX3 180mm Santoku

Mercer MX3 180mm Santoku

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Mercer Culinary has been supplying cutlery to culinary professionals for over 30 years. Their knives are made with the professional in mind and offer a variety of designs to meet and exceed the user’s needs. Their knives are robust, ergonomic and affordable.

The MX3 series is one of Mercer Culinary's newest offerings. The MX3 series is based off of traditional Japanese blade designs using traditional, Western style handles. The forged VG10 blade steel, excellent blade geometry and bacterial resistant Delrin handle provides the user with a tough, clean cutting blade and excellent edge retention.

The santoku has become very popular in the past 10 years. The santoku is a Japanese blade design which translates to “the three virtues” of the kitchen, vegetables, meat and fish. The 6.5”-7” blade can be just right for smaller to medium size jobs in the kitchen, while not being to unwieldy on the cutting board. The long, even blade increases surface area contact making push cuts a breeze speeding up the cutting process.



Blade Length: 180mm
Overall Length: 305mm
Blade Thickness: 2.8mm

Bevel Type: 50/50
Blade Material: Laminated VG10 Forged Steel
Handle Material: Delrin Polymer

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