Seattle Edge was started in 2009 by Albert Edmonds, but Albert's interest in cutlery and sharpening started much earlier.

When Albert was eight years old, his father showed him how to sharpen an old fishing knife in the garage, and the seed was planted.  Over the years Albert experimented with different sharpening techniques, and at 19 years old, he began working at a local knife store. 

His professional knife sharpening training began, and he's been sharpening ever since.


As business increased rapidly, the Seattle Edge workshop was opened in 2011 and consistently rated as one of the top knife sharpening services in the country. Albert is also known for his straight-razor sharpening, refurbishing of historical pieces, and custom-knife edge work. 

A variety of high quality cutlery and sharpening supplies are also available to fulfill your cutlery needs.