Jason D. – New York
Holy smokes Albert!!! They are the sharpest I've ever seen! I could not be happier! They all cut unbelievable, paper was a joke I was scared to touch the blade!!!!

 S. Cohran - Washington

Hattori Hanzo died two days before Christmas, nearly 425 years ago. Yet, the spirit of his renowned blade skills lives on in the breast (and considerable talents) of Albert, proprietor of Seattle Edge. The knives we took him required great force to cut through soft peaches. When I picked them up, I inadvertently dropped one on the floor, and the blade--using only gravity's assistance--proceeded to cut its way to the earth's core.
I am certain it would have proceeded to finish the job, by splitting the earth in half. However, the heat from the core was too much to hope that the chemical makeup if the steel could remain assembled under such duress. One can go their entire life without meeting a person who is legitimately the very best at whatever it is they do. Albert has relieved me of such worries. Bring your knives here, and see them cut and slice as they never have before.

Jason F. - Washington
Just got back from the Post Office. I'm very impressed with your work. I have to admit that I was a little nervous to send them out, but you exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend you and use you again.


Greg L. – Georgia
Wow! Super Sharp sir! Super sharp.. You weren’t kidding about being able to cut arm hairs eh? 6 more headed your way. Thanks.


Brandon T. – Washington
Hi Albert, just got my razor in the mail this morning and finished shaving with it. The edge you put on this is a work of art. This is BEAUTIFUL. You have a lifelong customer. :D Thank you so much!


Dustin O. – Missouri
I will be getting a hold of you in the next month or so for some more sharpening. I've noticed it takes a little longer to dull your edges compared to others. Your work is TOO good! :)


Catherine C. – California
Hi Albert, I just wanted to let you know that I received my knife (last Friday--sorry for the delay in letting you know) and it turned out even better than I hoped it would. Thank you so much for doing such a tremendous job on this special knife. I'm not much of a cook and don't worry too much about the quality of my kitchenware, but this knife was a gift from my son so it means a lot to me. Thanks, again, and you can count on seeing this knife again when it needs to be sharpened.


Tom K. – Pennsylvania
Thanks for your input. I received my knives and axe today, I told my father they were very sharp, he figured an axe couldn't be that sharp and shaved a line down his arm, priceless. They are incredible. Thanks


Mike G. – Arkansas
Got the knife on Saturday. Was all you had promised and more! Great job! The Chef receiving it performed some "Show off knife skills" while we were there, the blade performed flawlessly. Thanks again for such a great sharpening job!


Michael M. – Las Vegas
Hey Albert thanks sooo much... this is one of the sharpest knives I have handled. Your technique is excellent.. much more knives coming your way.


Jacob V. – Nevada
Yes I got it yesterday. You did a awesome job on it man I'll definitely be sending you some more knives soon!


John M. – Alabama
Hi Albert. The knives made it back home and...man do they look sweet. Thank you for the excellent work that you performed on them!


Bo T. – California
Just got the knives and ok, that's as sharp if not more sharp than when the knife was new. Edge is gorgeous and I am extremely happy with it. I will be sending my others in when they are ready. I haven't opened the others yet but I'm sure they are comparable. Thank you very much and if there is anywhere I can leave feedback, please let me know. Thank you Sir, have a great weekend, I know mine just got better!


J. P. – Wisconsin
Outstanding work Albert.....Thank you very much. I'll be sure to let you know when and where you get press and referrals from me. You're the best....applause and sincere best hopes to you....I'll be in touch....JP


Larry H. – Arizona
I received my knives this morning and want to thank you for quick turnaround, great communication, great value and (best of all) GREAT EDGES! After all , what good is a knife without a nice edge? When I need an edge in the future, you're my guy!


Dustin O. – Missouri
The knives, or should I say, RAZORS(!) arrived today. Thanks for the great work! I can't recall ever buying a knife new (Benchmade included) that was this sharp. Scary sharp.


Jeff Y. – Nevada
Wow! My knives have never been this sharp. I sent Albert my Henkel professional chefs knife, slicer and paring knife, and two hunting knives. Amazing work, great value and great service. Thanks Albert! My Shun's will on the way tomorrow.


Kevin S. – Maryland
Hi! Yes I have the knives. I just got back from holiday on Saturday. The knives look great. I am really impressed with the Gerber! The cleaver is great too! Really sharp. Thanks for the great work!


Tom C. – Illinois
"Man, I am totally enjoying these blades!!! Thanks so much for all your efforts, I feel like I cannot thank you enough. You have a customer for life, plus infinity!!!” … “The blades are mesmerizing!!! I have been checking my other knives and nothing comes close to the edge you put on mine!” …“I can honestly say that I have NEVER had blades this sharp. I THOUGHT I had some sharp factory blades before, but NOTHING like these. I have been turning my printer paper into confetti!!!"


Charles C. - Georgia
The knives came in today and I am impressed to say the least! Thanks for the excellent job. The tip on the Leek looks perfect! I will be using your services in the future and will tell others.


Michael M. - Florida
The knives came in today. I'm very pleased with the new bevels and the razor edges!


Brendan C. - Texas
I can't believe it...I don't know what to do, your edges too sharp man! It's truly awesome and is holding up beautifully! The true test was Tasha's boning knife, which she has broken down 3 cases of whole chickens with and it still is just as sharp! Way to go my friend!


Travis H. - Texas
The edge on the knife that was returned to me last week completely blew away my expectations. My first observation as I inspected/tested the edge was that it rivaled the edge/finish on a handcrafted knife that I bought a few years ago. I'll admit that I was kind of expecting something like a low-angled flat grind with a decently mirrored finish, but the convex, perfectly mirrored edge really took me by surprise (in the best way). Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to send any of my blades, present or future, to him, nor would I hesitate to give recommendations to his services. I'm actually looking at getting a new EDC knife later this year, and will be looking into sending it to Seattle Edge.


Hal B. - Minnesota
It was explained to me that 'true artists' and 'true artisans' are often from various points in space. Well, you are truly an artist and an artisan of the highest order.


Jon K. - New York
The knives arrived safe and sound. Man you are good, real good! I am more than pleased and more will come your way.


Loren R. - Washington
Yes the package was here when I got home. Superb Albert, really, very nicely done. Thank you, It means more than you know to have my old Gerber in good shape again. Better, I think, than it was originally. And having Kathy's knives done so nicely was a surprise for her, She is getting back from Alaska tomorrow and she will have super sharp knives for her kitchen. You now have new customers. Thanks again.


Bill M. - Philadelphia
Used one of the shun knives to cut a roast my girlfriend made last tonight. We were both very impressed. I have another shun knife I plan to send out soon. Thanks again.


Scott W. - Washington
I agree. Albert does a fantastic job. I have brought about a dozen blades to him so far and the work is OUTSTANDING!


Ed B. - Washington
Albert is an absolute gentleman, and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend his services if you have anything you need sharpened. I will be doing business with him again.


Brian T. - Michigan
The knives are great! They've held the edge well and I maintain them with a couple swipes on the ceramic hone and they are good as new. Really nice work, Albert! I'll get these other two out to you tomorrow.


Ryan S. - California
They are awesome man. I couldn't be any happier! The edges are more polished than I thought they would be, and they cut effortlessly. Awesome job!


Jeff S. - California
AMAZING sharpening job, Albert. Seriously, these are scary sharp! I couldn't be happier with your work on these knives!


Charlie E. - Arizona
Albert, the knives just arrived and they look great. I can't believe how good that buck looks. You've got yourself another customer for life.