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Seattle Edge Sharpening

The highest quality sharpening, fine cutlery and one-of-a-kind blades

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Misono UX10 on close out! Looking to get your hands on a beautiful knife that will serve you for years to come? Well now is your chance to pick up a UX10 at 20% off! Stock is limited, once they're gone, they're gone...

Services and Products


  • Precise free-hand sharpening tailored for each blade
  • 18 years servicing knives, tools, straight razors
  • Restoration, Japanese stone sharpening, and edge damage repair

Superior Knives and Accessories 

  • Affordable, high-performance blades
  • Selection not offered in most stores
  • Professional craftsmanship, innovative technology

Unique, Rare, and
In-Store Only 

  • Vintage straight razors
  • Custom-designs by local artisans
  • Handmade hardwood cutting boards