Sharpening Services

I have been sharpening for over 15 years. I sharpen all knives free hand-- no jigs or angle guides are used. This is done for two reasons: 

  1. Knife designs have different angles and require distinct sharpening techniques. Over the years my hands have learned to identify the subtle differences and approach each knife uniquely. 
  2. Free hand sharpening allows modification, not only of the edge but the blade design, especially if the knife has sustained damage. My skill set ensures precise bevels and clan edges. 

To produce the best edge possible, the majority of tools are custom made for my proprietary multi-step process. Using more than one system helps me tailor the correct edge needed for each knife. A chef's knife will be sharpened differently than a sushi knife, which will be different than your father's fishing knife, and each with its own finish. A chef's knife will have a subtle polished shine running from edge to about half an inch up the blade. Outdoor and collector knifes are sharpened so only the edge is polished. Traditional Japanese knives are sharpened often with water stones polished on the edge. 



Standard Knife Sharpening
Custom Knife Sharpening
Traditional Stone Sharpening
Serration Sharpening
Tip Restoration
Bolster Realignment
Cracked Edge Restoration
Straight Razor Sharpening
Lawn Mower Blades
Axes and Hatchets
Small Loppers
Large Loppers

$2.00 per inch
$3.00 per inch
$3.00 per inch
$3.00 per inch
$5.00 per tip
$5.00 per bolster
$3.00 per knife
$35.00 per razor
$10.00 per blade
$10.00 per tool
$5.00 per lopper
$7.00 per lopper
$2.00 per inch

Culinary Professionals: Inquire about the Culinary Professional Rate


I have sharpened hand made custom knives for collectors across the country. Custom knives often use unique alloys and have creative blade designs which takes longer to sharpen and require special attention. I do love sharpening custom knives -- the experience is rewarding and challenging with fantastic results. Custom knife sharpening is $3.00 per inch.


Some knives must be sharpened traditionally using only stones. High quality Japanese knives must be sharpened using only water stones. Modern mass produced Japanese kitchen knives can be sharpened effectively using my standard system, so it is more affordable and stone sharpening is not required. Stone sharpening is only offered for traditional, handmade Japanese knives. Stone sharpening is $3.00 per inch.

LOANER KNIVES (for culinary professionals)

I offer loaner knives for culinary professionals until knives have been sharpened. Loaner knives are in limited supply and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. All loaner knives must be returned upon pick up. If all loaner knives are not returned, you may be charged for replacement. Please treat loaner knives with respect and use them as you would use your own knives. Check your kitchen twice for loaners before coming to pick up your knives!