Tadafusa Nashiji
165mm Nakiri

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Tadafusa is based in Sanjo City Japan, where blacksmiths have been producing quality cutlery and cutting tools since the mid 1600s. From traditional Japanese knives to more modern designs, Tadafusa makes quality cutlery laced with tradition and designed for performance.

The nakiri is one of my all time favorite kitchen knives. While it has the blade profile of a meat cleaver, it is designed for vegetables. Nakiris are thin, stout blades with a forward balance that will fly through almost every vegetable you will come across in the kitchen. The nakiri should only be used for vegetables and will be damaged by hard chopping and bones.



Blade Length: 165mm
Overall Length: 305mm
Blade Thickness: 2.8mm

Bevel Type: 50/50
Blade Material: Japanese Blue Steel #2
Handle Material: Magnolia Wood